With over 30 years as a leader in the Professional photographic business communities, Mr. bybee is uniquely experienced and qualified as an expert forensic witness and litigation consultant. He is  directly and personally experienced in matters relating to professional, commercial, editorial, assignment, and stock photography as well as contemporary digital imaging methods and practices including PhotoShop and other Image manipulation software applications..
Mr. Bybee is versed in photographic business ethics, trade practices, photographic copyright and Intellectual property issues, as well as assignment, stock and licensing agreements.  He has prepared expert opinion reports and provided deposition testimony on the subjects of valuation  of images, lost and damaged images,  photographic agreements, model and talent releases, forensic  and qualitative evaluation of photographic imagery, digital capture and digital imaging issues and practices including photoshop and other image manipulation technologies.
Gerald is a Northern California-based photographer specializing in portraiture, Commercial and Fine Art Imaging.  He has extensive experience in digital imaging technologies and was one of the earliest adopters  and pioneers of the use of electronic digital imaging in commercial photography.  He has been active as an officer, leader, member, educator and supporter in various Local and national trade associations  including the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), Advertising Photographers of America (APA) and Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Mr Bybee is also a technical and marketing consultant to Corporations involved in the Imaging marketplace.
  1.  Over 30 years experience
  2.  Professional Trade Association Leadership
  3.  Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker
  4.  Objective, Analytical, Unbiased
  5.  Presents well in Video Depositions and in person
  6.  Educated in Communications / Photography / Public Relations
  7.  Extensive Digital Imaging experience
  8.  Resides on West Coast / Available Nationally
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Current CV available upon Request
Gerald Bybee / Experienced Expert Witness and Photo Litigation Consultant