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Despite the Frivolity of the name, BananaAlbum is the elegant flash photo album software created by Danish interaction designer Rudin Swagerman, The image galleries on this site are implemented using BananAlbum V.6.07  as a “Skin” within Jalbum V.8.0.  Thanks Rudin for this great software !

this shareware album builder provides an interface for creating a variety of image albums using “skins” created by programmers from around the world.  It is incredibly simple and versatile.  We us it to Create and maintain the Bybee Image Galleries using the BananAlbum Skin v.6.07
Pete Stringfellow and I met several years ago and I was immediately impressed with his talents, manner, and personal presence.  Besides being an songwriter, producer, singer and  performer Pete is a certified and diplomaed Geek with a degree in New Media Technology.  Pete works on TV and Motion Picture soundtracks, Video immersive websites, an Music production.  Oh and he’s releasing a new CD, entitled for his home Town, SANTA ROSA. http://www.countryartist.comhttp://www.countryartist.comshapeimage_3_link_0 is our alter Ego and web presence for the B Vineyards & habitat project that is the other effort in our life.  If you’re a Pinot lover we think you’ll be enamored with this Burgundian style Pint Noir handcrafted from organic grapes we farm on our Sonoma County estate Vineyards. Not surprisingly the  Images on the labels and web site are created by Mr. “B”